TDF Services - Technical Assistance Services

After more than 40 years in the industrial market, TDF Group has developed a great knowledge in the assembly, implementation and maintenance of all kind of industrial systems.

Our engineering and technical department has been working with the most important companies in the market, both suppliers and engineering companies, which allows us to continuously learn about the industry and its developments. This is why we offer our customers a leading and innovative product in the market.

TDF Services is an exclusive service that provides an integral technical support to its customers. The objective is to optimize reliability and efficiency in all the installations and, consequently, maximize profitability. With this in mind TDF Group offers, through TDF Services, the following services:

Personal advice

Our engineering department will assess your needs in order to find the best solution for your project. We propose an integral advice, from the equipment selection and problem solving, up to planning and implementation of the project.


We assembly all kind of equipment both in our and in the client’s facilities. Furthermore, we have the support from our TDF Systems department, leaders in the manufacturing of Skids internationally.


We take responsibility from the implementation of new equipment, in scheduled stops and renovated installations. Our technicians will move to your facilities for the calibration and assessment of the equipment, before and after implementation.


Our main objective is to minimize the risk of unexpected stops. TDF Services guarantees, through integral maintenance, the correct functioning of your equipment which leads to a reduction of production costs.


All of our industrial experience and knowledge is at your service. Our technical department will be responsible for your staff’s training and will be available for resolving any possible doubts.


TDF Services accounts with the support and compromise from a leading company in the industrial sector. All of our reparations are certified.

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