Our core values

At TDF Group, our reason for being is summed up in three fundamental principles: Mission, Vision and Values. These principles guide every step we take in our commitment to the European and Latin American industry.


Our mission is to drive innovation and growth in the industry by providing advanced and agile solutions with cutting-edge technology. We are dedicated to designing and supplying components that adapt to the changing needs of companies on both continents, being a reliable partner on their path to success.


We strive to maintain a leading position in the European and Latin American market for the supply of industrial components, as well as offering a wide range of specialised services for industry. Our vision is to be recognised as a benchmark in meeting our customers’ needs, and to remain at the forefront of the industry at all times.


At TDF Group, honesty is the foundation of our relationship with our clients. We value building strong and lasting relationships, conveying a transparent message through quality service and trust. These values are the foundation of our corporate culture, and we are committed to living them in every interaction with our partners and clients.

These principles guide our approach and determine how we work every day to serve the European and Latin American industry. At TDF Group, we are committed to our clients’ success and to continuously improving our services to deliver on these values.

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