TDF Group presents the HiFlux Auto-line© Self-Cleaning Filters

Técnica de Fluidos offers its customers the innovative HiFlux Auto-line© self-cleaning filters, ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, especially in the food and sanitary sectors. These filters, manufactured by the renowned Danish company HiFlux Filtration A/S, stand out for their robust stainless steel construction and continuous operation capability, ensuring high operational reliability.

Versatility and Applications

The HiFlux Auto-line© filters are designed to filter a wide variety of fluids, from chemicals to food-grade liquids. They are especially suitable for the food processing industry, including the production of dairy, cheese, chocolate, honey, beer, sugar, starch, and gelatin. Additionally, they can be used in the treatment of process water, cooling water, wastewater, dyes, varnishes, adhesives, and polymers. Their pre-filtration and final filtration capacity ranges from 30 to 2000 microns, making them extremely versatile filters.

Technical Features

The filters are available in two versions to suit different operational needs:

· R-E Version: Equipped with an electric motor and rotary cleaning.

· R-P Version: Equipped with a pneumatic actuator and linear cleaning.

Thanks to their stainless steel construction, the HiFlux Auto-line© filters are resistant to corrosion and the effects of aggressive fluids, ensuring a long service life and minimal maintenance. The self-cleaning feature allows impurities to concentrate in the filter and be drained while the system continues to operate, minimizing liquid loss and improving process efficiency.

Over 20,000 Combinations

HiFlux Filtration A/S, with over 60 years of experience in providing filtration solutions, offers an impressive variety of over 20,000 combinations in their standard filter range. This includes options specifically designed to meet all necessary certifications for food and sanitary applications, ensuring that every industry can find a solution that perfectly fits its specific needs.

Contact for More Information

For those interested in obtaining more information about the HiFlux Auto-line© filters and how they can improve the efficiency of their operations, TDF invites you to contact us through our contact form. Our team is available to provide detailed advice and technical support, helping customers find the filtration solution that best suits their needs.

TDF Group continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and excellence in providing high-quality filtration solutions, ensuring that industries can operate with greater efficiency and reliability.