TDF Group: Four Decades of Leadership in Pumping Solutions

TDF Group: Four Decades of Leadership in Pumping Solutions Since its founding in 1976, TDF has been dedicated to offering exceptional solutions in the transfer of complex products. With more than four decades of experience, we have established ourselves as leaders in the manufacture, distribution, and installation of pumping equipment and related products. Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the best market solutions, backed by our commitment to quality and innovation. Our offerings include a wide range of industrial pumps carefully selected to meet specific market needs and the latest technological innovations. We work with top-tier international suppliers, ensuring the quality, reliability, and timely delivery of our products. This approach allows us to offer robust and efficient solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. At TDF, we strive to provide a comprehensive service that encompasses everything from selecting the right equipment to installation and maintenance. We have technical departments specialized in various areas: Pumping equipment Systems Instrumentation Mechanical seals Industrial filtration   In addition, we serve multiple sectors such as industry, food and laboratories, construction and mining, water treatment, and nautical, among others. Our TDF Systems department is dedicated to the design, development, and installation of skids, providing complete high-quality solutions for dosing, transfer, and filtration. Our team is made up of more than 100 professionals in Spain and nearly 200 worldwide. Continuous training is one of our priorities, not only for our employees but also for our clients. This approach ensures that our team is always up to date with the latest technologies and industry practices, resulting in exceptional service and high-quality products. Over the years, we have expanded our global presence, managing projects on five continents and establishing branches in 14 countries. Our growth has been constant and strategic, allowing us to open new offices in several countries: Spain (Técnica de Fluidos): 1976 Portugal (TDF Portugal): 2000 France (Techniques des Fluides): 2003 Argentina (TDF Argentina): 2008 Poland (TDF Poland): 2010 Switzerland (Almatechnik TDF): 2010 Uruguay (TDF Uruguay): 2012 Bolivia (TDF Bolivia): 2012 Paraguay (TDF Paraguay): 2012 Romania (TDF Pompe): 2014 Spain (TDF Pump Rental): 2018 Czech Republic (TDF Czech): 2021 Germany (TDF Deutschland): 2022 Brazil (TDF Brasil): 2024 Slovakia (TDF Slovakia): 2024   Our team of engineers and technicians works closely with the leading companies in the sector, both manufacturers and engineering firms, allowing us to stay at the forefront of industrial advances. This constant collaboration is key to our success and enables us to offer our clients innovative and high-quality solutions. At TDF, we are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. We continue to expand and evolve, always focused on providing the best solutions for the transfer of difficult products. Thanks to our dedication and experience, we remain a benchmark in the sector at an international level. WhatsApp LinkedIn

HiFlux Auto-line©

TDF Group presents the HiFlux Auto-line© Self-Cleaning Filters Técnica de Fluidos offers its customers the innovative HiFlux Auto-line© self-cleaning filters, ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, especially in the food and sanitary sectors. These filters, manufactured by the renowned Danish company HiFlux Filtration A/S, stand out for their robust stainless steel construction and continuous operation capability, ensuring high operational reliability. Versatility and Applications The HiFlux Auto-line© filters are designed to filter a wide variety of fluids, from chemicals to food-grade liquids. They are especially suitable for the food processing industry, including the production of dairy, cheese, chocolate, honey, beer, sugar, starch, and gelatin. Additionally, they can be used in the treatment of process water, cooling water, wastewater, dyes, varnishes, adhesives, and polymers. Their pre-filtration and final filtration capacity ranges from 30 to 2000 microns, making them extremely versatile filters. Technical Features The filters are available in two versions to suit different operational needs: · R-E Version: Equipped with an electric motor and rotary cleaning. · R-P Version: Equipped with a pneumatic actuator and linear cleaning. Thanks to their stainless steel construction, the HiFlux Auto-line© filters are resistant to corrosion and the effects of aggressive fluids, ensuring a long service life and minimal maintenance. The self-cleaning feature allows impurities to concentrate in the filter and be drained while the system continues to operate, minimizing liquid loss and improving process efficiency. Over 20,000 Combinations HiFlux Filtration A/S, with over 60 years of experience in providing filtration solutions, offers an impressive variety of over 20,000 combinations in their standard filter range. This includes options specifically designed to meet all necessary certifications for food and sanitary applications, ensuring that every industry can find a solution that perfectly fits its specific needs. Contact for More Information For those interested in obtaining more information about the HiFlux Auto-line© filters and how they can improve the efficiency of their operations, TDF invites you to contact us through our contact form. Our team is available to provide detailed advice and technical support, helping customers find the filtration solution that best suits their needs. TDF Group continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and excellence in providing high-quality filtration solutions, ensuring that industries can operate with greater efficiency and reliability. WhatsApp LinkedIn

TDF Group prepares for Achema 2024

From 10 to 14 June, industry leaders and experts will gather at ACHEMA. This event, held in Frankfurt, explores the latest developments and trends in the sector. As is tradition, TDF Group  is ready to take its place at this important event. The stand chosen will be L83 located in Hall 8.0. TDF Group’s participation in Achema is an essential part of its strategy to stay at the forefront of the industry. During this event, the company will showcase the best brands and products, including the latest generation of pumping equipment, specialised accessories and innovative technologies for different industries. In addition to its presence as an exhibitor, TDF Group will use the Achema week to organise strategic meetings with key business partners and suppliers. These sessions will provide an invaluable opportunity to discuss future projects, explore new business opportunities and strengthen existing relationships in an environment conducive to networking and collaboration. As the event approaches, anticipation is growing among industry professionals, and TDF Group is ready to stand out as the leader it is in the field of industrial pumps and related equipment. With a track record of excellence and its innovative approach, the company looks forward to contributing significantly to the dialogue and collaboration that characterise ACHEMA. In short, TDF Group’s participation at Achema 2024 is an important milestone in its biennial agenda. With its stand ready to welcome visitors in Hall 8.0 Stand L83, the company is set to showcase its continued commitment to innovation, excellence and leadership in the global industrial sector. Le Groupe TDF se prépare pour l’Achema 2024 Du 10 au 14 juin, les leaders et les experts de l’industrie se réuniront à l’ACHEMA, un événement organisé à Francfort qui explore les derniers développements et tendances du secteur. Comme il est de tradition, le Groupe TDF, dont Techniques des Fluides est membre, est prêt à prendre sa place lors de cet événement important, et vous accueillera sur le stand L83 dans le Hall 8.0. La participation du Groupe TDF à l’Achema, salon biennal incontournable pour les professionnels du monde entier, est un élément essentiel dans sa stratégie visant à rester à la pointe de l’industrie. Au cours de cet événement, la société présentera les meilleures marques et les meilleurs produits, y compris des équipements de pompage de pointe, des accessoires spécialisés et des technologies innovantes pour différentes industries. Outre sa présence en tant qu’exposant, le groupe TDF en profitera pour organiser des réunions stratégiques avec ses principaux partenaires commerciaux et fournisseurs, toujours dans le but d’améliorer ses services. Ces sessions constitueront une occasion inestimable de discuter de projets futurs, d’explorer de nouvelles opportunités commerciales et de renforcer les relations existantes dans un environnement propice au réseautage et à la collaboration. À l’approche de l’événement, l’impatience grandit parmi les professionnels de l’industrie, et le groupe TDF est prêt à se démarquer comme le leader qu’il est dans le domaine des pompes industrielles et de ses équipements connexes. Grâce à sa réputation d’excellence et à son approche innovante, l’entreprise est impatiente de contribuer de manière significative au dialogue et à la collaboration qui caractérisent l’ACHEMA. En bref, la participation du Groupe TDF à l’Achema 2024 est une étape importante dans son agenda biennal. Avec son stand prêt à accueillir les visiteurs dans le Hall 8.0 Stand L83, l’entreprise est prête à montrer son engagement continu en faveur de l’innovation, de l’excellence et du leadership dans le secteur industriel mondial.

PCM Hycare™ in Petfood Processes

PCM Hycare™ in Petfood Processes   Advances in industry and technology interfere in many aspects of our daily lives and the world of pets is no exception. The humanisation of pets and a significant increase in the number of pet owners are some of the main drivers of the pet food market in Europe. It has been found that the demand for natural and organic pet food has increased since the last few years and is expected to continue in the coming days, as pet owners are becoming very conscious about the health of their pets. The number of pet owners in Europe has been steadily increasing, driving the pet food market. The number of pet households on the Old Continent has increased by 20 million in the last nine years and now stands at 91 million. The main reason for this increase is the social factor and the therapeutic effect that animals have on humans. Pets provide companionship, emotional support, reduce feelings of loneliness, reduce stress levels and help us to increase our social activities. It also contributes to self-esteem and positive emotions, especially for children. Moreover, even in some countries, such as Spain, there is legislation that recognises pets as «living beings endowed with sentience» and no longer as things. In fact, there are many who consider them not only their best friend, but also a member of the family, sometimes even the most beloved member of it. All these arguments are very compelling reasons for companies in the pet food business. Customers want to offer the best to their pets and, therefore, companies want to provide the best food and reach the hearts of consumers. Thus, pet food has specialised and improved towards more premium and natural formulas, without forgetting functionality (specific diets to address the problems of these animals that are living longer and longer) and indulgence, as a reward, snacks or treats. In this context, brands such as PCM offer innovative products in their line of pumps. Two outstanding models are:   Hyfeed The PCM HyFeed progressive cavity pump with Moineau™ technology is ideal for transferring highly viscous, heterogeneous fluids with or without particles, pasty or even sticky and bacteriologically sensitive fluids. This pump is particularly suitable for the fresh food and cosmetics markets. It has been designed in compliance with food recommendations and requirements to avoid any retention zone and to facilitate cleaning. Versatile and robust Designed for food use 316L stainless steel Simple maintenance Pressure: 24 bar [348 psi] ü Flow rate: 52.5 bar [348 psi] ü Flow rate: 52.5 bar [348 psi Flow rate: 52.5 m3/h [231 usgpm] ü Inner dimensions of hopper: 263 x 263 x 263 mm [263 x 268 mm Inner hopper dimensions: 263 x 150 mm, 350 x 240 mm, 518 x 349 mm [1.5 x 1.5 in. Granulometry: max. 40 mm   Easyfeed The PCM EasyFeed progressive cavity pump (food grade version) with Moineau™ technology is ideal for transferring highly viscous, heterogeneous fluids with or without particles, pasty or even sticky fluids. This pump is particularly suitable for the meat and fruit and vegetable markets. It has been designed in compliance with food recommendations and requirements to avoid any retention zones and to facilitate cleaning. Versatility and robustness Designed for food use Simple maintenance Pressure: 10 bar [145psi] ü Flow rate: 30 m3 /cm3 /cm3 /cm3 Flow rate 30 m3 /h [132 usgpm] ü Inner dimensions of the hopper Hopper internal dimensions 260 x 150 mm, 350 x 240 mm, 520 x 350 mm Particle size: 32 mm max.   In summary, the pet food market in Europe has experienced growth driven by the humanisation of pets and the increase in the number of pet owners. Consumers are looking for premium and natural foods to meet their pets’ needs. Like businesses, they want to be competitive in a world undergoing so many changes in terms of innovation. At TDF, we are committed to suppliers who continue to broaden their horizons and help us to offer our customers the maximum guarantee and reliability in their projects. WhatsApp LinkedIn

Training at
TDF Group

TDF Group is constantly training to offer the best to our customers! Last week, we had the privilege of immersing ourselves in a training session with one of our leading suppliers, Boulton Pumps. The day was much more than just a presentation of what’s new; it was a unique opportunity to get to the heart of Boulton and gain an in-depth understanding of the brand’s latest innovations. The presence of one of their experts not only allowed us to learn about the technical features of their products, but also to understand the philosophy and commitment that drives Boulton. During the session, we explored in detail the latest technologies and solutions that Boulton Pumps offers in the exciting field of pumps. From advances in energy efficiency to new features that improve equipment reliability and durability, each aspect was covered in a thorough and comprehensive manner. The highlight was the direct interaction with one of their professionals. We had the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and resolve specific doubts that arose during the session. This direct communication not only strengthened our technical understanding, but also cemented our relationship with Boulton as a strategic supplier. At TDF Group, we strongly believe that continuous training is essential to stay ahead of the curve and provide exceptional service to our customers. The training session with Boulton Pumps was not only a source of knowledge, but also a tangible testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. We would like to thank Boulton Pumps for taking the time and resources to share their expertise and knowledge with us. Their direct collaboration not only enriched our understanding of their products, but also contributed significantly to our ongoing development and our ability to provide high quality technical solutions to our customers. In summary, the training session with Boulton Pumps was not only educational but also inspiring. It motivates us to continue to innovate, improve and exceed our customers’ expectations. At TDF Group, we are excited to apply what we have learned and deliver the best in every project we undertake. We will continue to work with dedication and passion, using the lessons from this experience to further raise our standards and achieve excellence in every aspect of our service. WhatsApp LinkedIn

Farmaforum, Foodtech and PMH2, the last three major events of the year

Farmaforum, Foodtech and PMH2, the last three major events of the year Trade fairs are crucial events in the business world, where companies and professionals meet with the purpose of exhibiting our products, services or technologies, establishing contacts and building bridges to new business relationships. At Técnica de Fluidos we greatly value the exhibition opportunities generated by these events, where we find strategic networking opportunities that allow us to continue growing. This year has been a challenging one for TDF, in which we have sought to get even closer to our customers by participating in key celebrations across a wide range of sectors. In the last quarter alone, we have been at three major events, each of them a must-attend for professionals in their sector. We are talking about Farmaforum, Foodtech and PMH2. This year, Farmaforum celebrated its ninth edition, consolidating its position as the most important congress for the Pharma sector in general and for the Biopharmaceutical Industry and Laboratory Technologies in our country in particular. The success of past editions has allowed Farmaforum to evolve and this year it has had a large number of specialised conferences: Nutraforum. Biotechforum, Cosméiticaforum, Cannabisforum and Health&Research Forum. This was the third time that Técnica has attended this important event, exhibiting everything from peristaltic pumps to dosing, instrumentation and filtration equipment. Alimentaria FoodTech was another of the major events of 2023 that we could not miss. The exhibition that drives innovation in the food and beverage industry brings together the main players in food production, processing and preservation at the Fira de Barcelona. With a cross-cutting approach, this global trade fair presents the latest developments in the sector and becomes the meeting point for leading companies, SMEs, exhibitors and international visitors. It is also attended by sector associations, technology centres and institutions that further enrich this unique experience. PMH2, the Hydrogen Sectorial Meeting, was our last event of the year and the meeting place for the key players in the technological development of hydrogen. This event has been a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends in this field and exchange knowledge, bringing together experts, researchers and professionals interested in exploring the latest opportunities and challenges related to hydrogen. This edition of the Sectorial Meeting represents a great opportunity to dive into the exciting world of hydrogen and learn more about its potential in various industries. All these experiences have been an opportunity for professional growth and development. In short, participation in trade fairs is essential for companies looking to grow, expand and stay competitive in a constantly evolving market. WhatsApp LinkedIn

Welcome to TDF Group!

Welcome to TDF Group! Welcome to our website, your premier destination for all things related to pumps, systems, instrumentation, filtration, mechanical seals, heat exchangers and cleaning heads. At TDF Group, we have set a standard of excellence as a leader in the manufacture, distribution and installation of this essential equipment that powers a wide range of industries and applications. Our core mission is to provide our customers with the most advanced and efficient pumping technology available on the market today. We have a wide range of pumping equipment ranging from double diaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps, metering pumps, twin screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, gear pumps, and many other innovative technologies. We are confident that you will find the perfect solution to meet your specific needs in our catalogue. Regardless of the sector you work in, whether it is water treatment, food and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and laboratories, construction or any other, TDF Group is committed to providing you with the pumping solutions and systems you need to achieve success. We invite you to explore our website to discover our wide range of products and services. Feel free to contact our team of experts at any time. We are here to provide you with personalised advice and tailor-made solutions that are perfectly adapted to your requirements and objectives. WhatsApp LinkedIn